Mystic Words Daily Puzzle April 16 2019

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Mystic Words Free Daily Puzzle April 16 2019 Answers


  1. What a hen lays
  2. ___ see what happens… (wait and watch)
  3. Like rent at the beginning of every month
  4. What you may make before running errands
  5. I’m all ___… (listening)
  6. Dr.___ rapper and founder of Beats Electronics
  7. Consumer for a product
  8. Admirable personality
  9. Japanese marathon runner who won the men’s foot race at the 2018 Boston Marathon: 2 wds.
  10. In mint condition say
  11. Computer display standard: Abbr.
  12. Very distant
  13. Hair-setter
  14. Palindromic exclamation of surprise
  15. American long-distance runner who won the women’s foot race at the 2018 Boston Marathon: 2 wds.
  16. Brand promotional videos for short
  17. 1984 horror film A Nightmare on ___ Street
  18. Logical prefix
  19. Feeling low
  20. Legendary arcade game ___-Man
  21. Public park location where the Boston Marathon’s course ends: 2 wds.
  22. Make a ___ (take action)
  23. Junior ___ 12-time NFL Pro Bowler
  24. I Know What You ___ Last Summer slasher film from 1997
  25. The Edge actor Baldwin
  26. Adorable British bye: Hyph.
  27. Lemony suffix
  28. Are you an owl or a ___? (as per waking habits)
  29. Male humans